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Our library is at the heart of our school. Designed by Peters Library Design Services, it is a welcoming, inviting space for reading, class visits, intervention groups, Book Clubs, Lunch Clubs and storytelling. Centrally located, it is easily accessed and is utilised by both staff and pupils. The school aims to promote a life-long love of reading for both pleasure and education by providing a large selection of up-to-date, fiction, non-fiction, phonics, graphic novels and dual language picture books.

Mrs Smith is our full-times librarian who is supported by 16 pupil librarians that assist in the general up-keep of the library as well as checking out and returning library books. They learn valuable life skills such as respecting books, working as a team, helping others, alphabetising and how to keep the library tidy.

Year 1 children are allowed to borrow one book, whilst Years 2 through Year 6 children are allowed to borrow two books. Children in Year 1 through Year 4 must bring a school book bag in in order to borrow books. Years 1 through 4 visit the library once a week and Years 5 and 6 visit once a fortnight.

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