If your child has an early morning dental or clinic appointment, please either inform the classteacher, or the school office the day before, if possible.  This will ensure that your child receives an appropriate attendance mark and also, that a meal is booked for them, if necessary.

Regular attendance is very important if your child is to make the most of the learning opportunities offered in the school.  If your child has to be away, please ensure that a note, explaining the reason for the absence, is sent to school on their return.  Failure to do so will necessitate the school sending a form for you to complete.  This will ensure that your child’s absences are all “authorised”.  For reasons of safety, please inform the school by telephone on the same day, if your child is unwell and cannot attend.

Attendance is monitored very carefully every half term and parents are contacted if there is cause for concern.

Childrens progress and attainment can be seriously effected by periods of absence. It is extremely important that your child attends school on time everyday

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