The Art & Design curriculum at Yorkmead Primary School is designed for our children to have continual, valuable opportunities to express themselves artistically, through the disciplines of sketching, painting, printing and sculpture whilst meeting the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.

Children will learn about three artists, designers, craftspeople or architects in each academic year, alongside art skills and artistic vocabulary. Every unit is centered on the use of knowledge organisers, which underpin the vital learning necessary within a topic, whilst an increasing number of units seek to connect learning with other subjects in our curriculum, such as History, Geography and Mathematics to promote the making of links and long term remembering.

Across Key Stage 1, children will build upon the initial skills that the Early Years Foundation Stage Expressive Arts & Design strand has taught them. They will continue mark-marking in an increasingly purposeful and creative manner, through a range of mediums. Art history research will be introduced, expanding the knowledge of our children by discovering a range of relevant and inspiring creative talents.

During Key Stage 2, our children will have increased opportunities for artistic freedom, expressing their individuality in multiple creative disciplines. Children will continue to build upon the key skills of sketching, painting, printing and sculpture, whilst embedding prior artistic vocabulary and being introduced to more subject-specific language. Art history research will be more formal, with children expected to compare and contrast newly discovered artistic styles, influential figures and art movements with those previously learnt. Additionally, class trips to local art galleries and workshops with specialists will increase the artistic opportunities our children will have during their time at our school, fueling a lifelong passion for Art. 

Through the implementation of our high-quality and ambitious planning, designed and overseen by the Leader of Art & Design, teachers will feel empowered to deliver the art lessons that our children deserve. With a continual focus on progression of skills, underpinned by the necessary research elements, children at our school will become confident and expressive in their creativity. Units of work that are relevant to our school community’s diverse backgrounds will further inspire, instilling a belief that everyone can be an artist. 

Our Art & Design curriculum will develop children who can articulate their learning using subject specific vocabulary, children who retain information about important artists, designers, craftspeople and architects throughout history, children who understand the importance of Art & Design in the wider world and therefore, children who are inspired to continue their creative Art and Design journey beyond their time with us. 

K. Harley BA Fine Art (Art & Design Subject Leader)

Art & Design


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