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Values and Ethos Statement


Our School Motto is ‘Self-belief is the key to success.’

We believe that our main aim at Yorkmead is to unlock the potential in every child so that they can succeed and become the best they can be. Encouraging and equipping children to have a positive attitude about themselves and towards their learning is at the heart of everything we do at school. 

We believe that the school lies at the centre of the community and we set out to contribute to our community and, in turn, we look for its support and its respect.

Developing close links with the community and with parents in particular is one of our main aims.  We recognise that education must be a partnership if we are to ensure our pupils make good progress, realise their full potential and enjoy their time at school.

Our School Values

We believe that:

  • Everyone has the right to be treated with courtesy and respect regardless of race, gender, ability, sexuality or religion.
  • We are individuals with differences, but we can still learn from each other.
  • Every person at Yorkmead is of equal importance.
  • We should always try to understand other people’s point of view, even though we may not agree with it.
  • We should behave in a way which is not destructive to other people’s feelings, or beliefs.
  • Everyone is here to work hard and to give of their best.
  • All subjects taught in school have equal value, although Maths, English and Science are given a greater time allocation than other subjects.

These values apply equally to every child and every adult in the School.