Mr Newman-Smith (Head Teacher)  


Yorkmead School’s Mission & Vision

We want to provide a safe environment for all so that everyone is an active participant and has the freedom to question

We will develop the skills and mindset for success so that we will contribute positively to our community.

We believe this is important because:

We want our children to be successful adults;

We want all children and all stakeholders to have high aspirations;

We want to provide the very best learning opportunities;

We want our values to underpin everything we do;

We value everyone.

‘All Together’: Children learn the importance of teamwork and collaboration and understand that we all have a role to play to listen to, support and encourage each other to achieve our goals. 

‘Being Open Minded’: Children are encouraged to be open to new ideas and recognise and be tolerant of different perspectives to their own. 

‘Curiosity’:  Children learn that being curious makes them better learners and improves remembering. Consequently, our children are encouraged to ask questions and wonder about the world around them and understand that there is always more to learn. 

‘Determination’: Children are encouraged to be resilient and understand that sometimes learning is difficult. Children are encouraged to embrace mistakes and learn from them. 

‘Empathy’: Children are encouraged to understand the feelings of others, to show kindness and to help and support one another emotionally. 

‘Fairness’: Children are encouraged to treat others as they want to be treated themselves with honesty and respect and understand that all children at Yorkmead have the right to be successful. Children understand that other children may have different needs to their own and that fairness does not always mean everyone is supported in the same way and that success looks different for different individuals.  


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