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      Mr Newman-Smith                                        (Head Teacher)

Yorkmead School’s Mission & Vision

We will develop the skills and mindset for success so that we will contribute positively to our community.

We believe this is important because:

  • We want our children to be successful adults
  • We want all children and all stakeholders to have high aspirations
  • We want to provide the very best learning opportunities
  • We want our values to underpin everything we do
  • We value everyone – there are no outsiders

We want to provide a safe environment for all so that everyone is an active participant and has the freedom to question


 Our 6 core values are:


We ALL have a role to play to listen to, support and encourage each other to achieve our goals



We show kindness and understanding as we think of and help others so that we can support them.

Open Mindedness


We recognise and are tolerant of different perspectives to our own.

We open our minds to think about what other people think by questioning and reflecting.



We aim high in our goals, value quality and focus on what we are doing.

We are resilient learners and so will embrace any struggles we have.



We are excited about and actively contribute to our learning.

We are happy share what we are learning.

We see ourselves as life-long learners - there is always more to learn!



We treat others as we want to be treated with honesty and respect – there are no outsiders at Yorkmead.

We believe everyone has the right to be successful.