At the beginning of each year, pupils are set targets in reading, writing and maths. These are broken down into smaller, more manageable steps. All pupils should be aware of their targets. Progress towards these targets are measured regularly during the year.

Children are assessed regularly as part of the learning process. Information gained from these assessments is used to inform future planning, so that teachers can decide what to teach next, what to revise, or whether to move onto something new.

Children play an important role in their own assessment as soon as possible. They are taught to identify aspects of their work which show progress and areas where they need to improve further. In an atmosphere of trust, children are also taught to assess other children’s work providing supportive feedback.

More structured, or formal assessments are carried out by teachers every half term or at the end of a study unit.

Annual tests in reading, writing and maths take place in May / June and parents are informed of the results through the end of year reports. In school , test results are combined with the teachers own assessments of pupils abilities and these are used to determine progress and attainment.

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