Children are assessed regularly as part of the learning process. Information gained from these assessments is used in a number of ways: 

  • To inform future planning, so that teachers can decide how to adapt what they will teach next, what to revise, or whether to move onto within the curriculum; 
  • To inform the provision of additional support for pupils, including same day ‘Follow Up’ intervention activities. 

Children play an important role in their own assessment. They are taught to identify aspects of their work which show progress and areas where they need to improve further. In an atmosphere of trust, children are also taught to assess other children’s work providing supportive feedback. 

More robust, formal assessments, are carried out by teachers every term in reading, writing and mathematics. These assessments allow us to ascertain pupils’ progress towards achieving the expected standards in these subject areas and support us in keeping parents informed about their children’s attainment. After each of these termly assessments, teachers meet with the school’s leadership team to discuss those pupils who may have fallen behind and to plan targeted support so that attainment gaps with their peers can be monitored and reduced. 

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