At Yorkmead, we aim to give our children the opportunity to experience playing a musical instrument. In  year 4, a whole class will learn to play either a brass or woodwind instrument. They will have the opportunity to continue with this in year 5 and 6. This is a relatively new venture for the school, but our pupils have already had the opportunity to play in assembly and some have also played in a schools concert at Birmingham Symphony Hall.

A few children also have the opportunity to play the violin. Violin lessons are currently scheduled to take place on Tuesdays.

Parents who think their child may have an aptitude for playing the violin are asked to write to the Headteacher, requesting an audition for their child.  This will be carried out by the violin teacher and parents will be notified if their child has been successful.  Violins are loaned to pupils, by the LEA, at no cost.  Damage however must be paid for, as must broken strings and damage to bows.

Children learning to play the violin often perform in assemblies and end of term concerts.

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