Birmingham City Council Curriculum Statement (Revised March 2019) No updates as of 16th Sep 2021

The school follows the National Curriculum set out by the Department for Education (DFE). The curriculum at Yorkmead aims to provide children with exciting, stimulating learning opportunities which broaden their life experiences whilst providing them with the essential knowledge as set out in the new curriculum implemented in September 2014.Our school is currently awaiting read/write inc training reading and will be implementing this scheme in EYFS and KS1 From September 2020. English and Maths still retain their high focus at Yorkmead and are taught discreetly and as part of the wider curriculum. Listed below is only a very brief overview of each subject area. For greater detail please follow the link to the relevant policy.

National curriculum whole school overview

English Reading and Writing

Primary National curriculum - English


Have a look at the programmes of study for each year group:

Maths No Problem

Primary National curriculum - Maths

Creative Curriculum


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