School Meals

We try to promote healthy eating, by encouraging children to bring fruit and non-sugary snacks to eat during the mid-morning break. Sweets, chocolate and crisps are not allowed for mid morning snack.  All pupils are encouraged to bring a bottle of water with a sports cap, for drinking throughout the day

All pupils in KS1 receive a free piece of fruit daily.

A carton of semi-skimmed milk is available at 20p per carton, ordered termly, in advance, which children drink during the mid morning break.  We should be grateful if those parents who prefer to send in their own drinks, could ensure that they are in carton form, which the children can manage themselves and then discard.  Flasks are not considered suitable as they are often unmanageable and there are no suitable storage areas in school. Water bottles are ideal.

Pupils of parents in receipt of Income Support are entitled to a free school meal and should complete the necessary form from the school office.  If you are in receipt of Income Support, your child will be able to stay for a school meal immediately on receipt of your Income Support number.

We also operate a healthy tuck shop during the mid-morning break. On sale is wholemeal toast and fruit juice.

The school runs a breakfast club offering a range of cereals, toast and fruit juice. The cost of this is £2 per day. The breakfast club is open from 7.45am – 8.45am

Dinner Menu 2017 (Click link below)

£2.20 per day OR £11 Weekly


Weeks 1-3