Year 5

Within Maths, Year 5 children are continuing to learn about the four operations, fractions and shape, space and measure. We have most recently learnt about negative numbers in real life, for example in the current temperatures! Literacy is taught through genres, each focusing on a class book. In the Autumn term, we are studying newspaper reports through Philip Pullman’s ‘I Was A Rat’, narrative writing through ‘Beowulf’ and discursive writing through ‘The Midnight Fox’. Children are continuing to learn grammar weekly, with topics such as tense, speech and punctuation.

Year 5’s current topic is Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Within Topic lessons, children are learning the history of Great Britain and the geographical locations where invaders came from and why they chose Britain to settle in. Our DT lessons will involve the design and production of historical jewelry. We are also lucky enough to have two amazing experiences which will further enhance our topic: a visit to the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery for an Anglo-Saxon Life workshop, and an interactive workshop in school wherein we will excavate historical artefacts.

PE in Autumn 1 shall be Cricket and in Autumn 2 we move on to Gymnastics. PE is taught for one hour per week, although after-school sports clubs can further increase skills.


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